Learn how to install Pegas Evolution into beer tower.

Pegas Evolution is the best-selling foam-free dispensing device. It has a classic design that complements any standard bar tap and provides durability. The tap’s comfortable switch handle which controls draft dispensal is conveniently balanced and smooth in operation.

You can find more information on Pegas Evolution tap construction  in our previous post: 

Foam-free Pegas tap construction – What comes in a package?

 Also, in another previous post Set Up Draft Takeaway Taps we explained how to install our foam-free dispensing taps into the wall. We will shortly release a bespoke plan for businesses detailing information on how to set-up a whole new business for the UK – draft takeaway taprooms. Subscribe to our news and tutorials to be the first to hear about it! However, this post will be discussing how to install Pegas Evolution into a beer tower. 

Before installing the tap, make sure you prepared all necessary parts and removed them from their individual packaging.

Quick Reminder

You will need the following instruments: Wrench – S19, S24, S27, Hex Wrench S10. 

First of all, we need to assemble the device. Follow these steps:

plastic bottles for pegas taps

Now we are ready to start installation into the beer tower:

  1. Insert shank into the hole in the beer tower.
  2. Place the flat washer onto the shank from the inside of the beer tower. Tighten until secured.
  3. Place a hose clip onto the beverage supply hose.
  4. Connect the hose with the beverage supply nipple, fix it with the hose clip.
  5. Place a gasket onto the beverage supply nipple, make sure it fits properly.
  6. Place a coupling nut onto the nipple and connect it with the shank using a wrench. Tighten securely.
  7. Make sure the body of the device has a gasket. Screw the device onto the shank.
  8. Place a hose clip onto the CO2 supply hose. Connect CO2 supply hose with a nipple, fix it with a hose clip.
  9. Screw CO2 supply hose into the CO2 inlet (top one)
  10. Place a hose clip onto the drainage hose. Connect drainage nipple with a nipple, fix it with a hose clip.
  11. Screw drainage nipple into the CO2 inlet (bottom one)
  12. The device is ready for operation.

Here is a variation of installation into a closed beer tower with a 5/8” hole:

plastic bottles for pegas taps

You can find a full Pegas Evolution Manual here: