In this Pegas Drive – Installation post, you will find information on how to install Pegas Drive tap into the beer tower.

Pegas Drive is the newest foam-free dispensing device. It is made from a high-quality plastic that provides long life at a low cost. The Pegas Drive construction is distinguished from older tap models by its’ sleek design and extremely easy operation. No tools are required for maintenance – it takes a few seconds to assemble the tap and get ready for work. Using matte plastic not only decreased the production cost but also gave Pegas Drive construction some benefits. For example, no fingerprints remain on the surface of the tap and no stains are visible. Moreover, the switch handle doesn’t slip even when the hands are wet. 

Pegas Drive installation is simple and requires just 5-10 minutes of your time. The tap can be installed into the beer tower or through a hole in the wall.


plastic bottles for pegas taps
plastic bottles for pegas taps


You will need the following instruments: Wrench – S19, S24, S27, Hex Wrench S10. 


  • Using an S19 Wrench screw the shank (connecting pipe) into the 5/8” threaded hole in body of the device. Secure it with the shank (connecting pipe) nut.
  • Connect the beer hose with the beverage nipple; secure it with the nipple nut.
  • Place a decorative flat washer onto the shank (connecting pipe).
  • Connect the beverage nipple with the shank (connecting pipe) put through the whole in the wall or beer tower.
  • Secure the shank (connecting pipe) with a 5/8” nut, tighten it using a wrench.
  • Connect a CO2 hose and a drainage hose to the CO2 nipple and drainage nipple accordingly. 
  • Insert the CO2 supply nipple and the drainage nipple into the matching holes on the device; place the nuts onto the nipples and tighten them up. 
  • Optional: Using a Hex Wrench S10 unscrew the front plug and screw a dispensing tap for pouring into the pints.