In this post, you will find solutions to the most common foam-free taps’ problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Sometimes things can go not how we expect them to. You’ve bought and installed your foam-free Pegas dispensing tap according to the manual.  But it feels like something is wrong…


Here are the most common problems that can occur and what causes them.

Problem #1 No beverage supply

Possible reasons:

  • Keg is empty
  • The coupler is not connected to the keg
  • No CO2 supply
  • Pressure connector is closed
  • Hoses are not installed properly
  • Beverage supply hoses are blocked
  • Pressure release valve is closed or blocked


Problem #2 No gas supply in the bottle

Possible reasons:

  • Out of gas
  • Pressure valve is closed
  • Gas hoses are not connected properly
  • Gas hoses or their connections are damaged


Problem #3 The bottle doesn’t fit in the bottle holder

Possible reasons:

  • Bottleneck is not compatible with the tap – check bottle requirements
  • Bottle holder is damaged


Problem #4 Excessive foaming 

Possible reasons:

  • Pressure release speed is too fast
  • Pressure is not set correctly
  • Running out of gas 
  • Running out of beverage
  • Not enough gas supplied to the bottle
  • Beverage supply hose is blocked


Problem #5 Beverage is leaking when the switch is off

Possible reasons:

  • Defective membrane – requires replacing 
  • Foreign objects in the beverage supply hose



Please do not forget that manufacturer provides a minimum of 2 years warranty on taps and details. If you are experiencing any issues, please submit a warranty report.