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plastic bottles for pegas taps
plastic bottles for pegas taps

volfas engelman.

Volfas Engelman is one of the largest and fastest growing Lithuanian breweries with an establishment dating back to 1853. Its recently finished €50m brewery powered by Solar offers a wide range of premium beverages including craft and non-alcoholic beers. The company’s employees constantly develop new products, focusing on innovations and ensuring that the consumer receives high-quality fresh beer.

The company focuses exclusively on the premium segment and is expanding into the UK market, where DTG is proud to be furthering its expansion targets.


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plastic bottles for pegas taps

only the finest ingredients.

Volfas Engelman produces the best quality beers and ales by using exclusive hops of limited supply from around the world featured in the ‘Flavours of the World’  collection of beers and more, such as AUS ELLA, NZ RAKAU, AUS GALAXY, LEMONDROP Hops. 






What’s New

Pistachio Madagascar Vanilla Pastry Stout

The most dessert-like craft beer ever created in the Volfas Engelman Studio.  Pleasant sweetness is complimented by the exotic harmony of vanilla and pistachio aromas.


RINKTINIS is created only from fresh specially prepared water and exclusive beer yeast and the Lithuanian Pilsen type malt presents it with light colour.


Designed for people looking for modern drinks containing less calories and alcohol and made of natural ingredients only. Gluten-free


A rather light ale of harmonious taste and transparent golden colour, pleasant medium bitterness and aroma of exclusive hops which is flavoured by exclusive hops sorts: AUS ELLA, NZ RAKAU, AUS GALAXY.

Belgian Blonde Ale

Special Belgian blonde-style yeast is used in the fermentation process of this beer to produce a Belgian spice aroma that is not dominant but noticeable.


This craft non-alco ale has a particularly refreshing aroma and taste. The aromatic Citra hops give it a masculine character. Its haziness is due to the presence of barley, wheat, oats, and the well-chosen American East Coast Ale Yeast.

A New Era
of Brewing

plastic bottles for pegas taps

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