Here you can find our advice on maintenance of the Pegas foam-free taps

To keep the device in a good condition please follow the manufacturer advice on maintenance of the Pegas foam-free taps. In order to avoid clogging and damaging the parts, the device should be washed and disinfected regularly.


plastic bottles for pegas taps

As a manufacturer of the device, we recommend this treatment program. Please check if this hygienic plan corresponds with sanitary regulations in your country.

To clean the device, a sanitary liquid should be supplied from a hose-adapted container placed at the beer keg position. The beverage supply hose and the device itself should be cleaned first.

How to clean Pegas Foam-Free Tap:

1. Disconnect the beverage keg from the supply system.
2. Prepare the keg with maintenance liquid.
3. Make sure the switch handle is in a neutral position.
4. Install the keg coupler on keg with maintenance liquid.
5. Place an empty plastic bottle of small capacity into the bottle holder of the tap and afix it in place.
6. Turn on the pressure-flow valve.
7. Pull the switch handle of the tap to Filling position.
8. After a while, the excess of cleaning solution will begin to flow into the drainage channel.
9. Carry out the treatment in accordance with the table below.
10. To stop the maintenance liquid supply push the switch handle to the neutral position.
11. Remove the bottle.
12. Remove the excess of maintenance liquid from the surface with a clean cloth.
13. Turn off the flow, disconnect maintenance liquid keg, connect beverage keg.

plastic bottles for pegas taps

** Recommended antiseptics: Neomoscan Sepa, Termit Galo.

plastic bottles for pegas taps

Information for this post was taken from the official Pegas Beer Manual at

Regular washing and disinfection will ensure long life and smooth functioning of the device. 

Please do not forget that manufacturer provides a minimum of 2 years warranty on taps and details. If you are experiencing any issues, please submit a warranty report.