Congratulations! You have purchased your new foam-free draft takeaway taps for your business, but what comes next?

This guide is intended so that Assembly and Installation of your new DraftToGo taps is as quick and simple as possible. All taps sold can be integrated with standard models of pub beer taps, as illustrated in the image on this page, or can be used stand-alone to deliver draft alcohol takeaway to consumers from specialised stores.

A full installation guide will be included along with maintenance instructions from the manufacturer. A guide of the Pegas Evolution, the most popular tap sold by Pegas provides an overview.

For any publican, assembly and installation should not prove more onerous than the setup of their existing tap system, the tools required are an adaptable wrench and a hex key.


1. Function

Taps are intended for fast foam-free dispensing of foamy and/or carbonated beverages from pressurised containers into plastic or glass containers. Glass containers are always used in tandem with the protective beercase in the event of excessive CO2 use by the operator and glass shattering.

2. Assembly

Using wrench and a hex nut, screw the shanks and valves into the main body of the tap, making sure device is sealed.

Screw in plug into the 5/8″ threaded hole, or affix standard beer tap. Insert the CO2 supply and drainage tubes into matching holes and hand tighten.

Insert the CO2 supply nipple* and the drainage nipple into the matching holes on the device.
Place the nuts on to the nipples and hand tighten them up to the stop.
3. Installation

Ready a 23mm + hole in appropriate wall. Loosen flat washer, 5/8″ coupling nut and washer, from the shank and insert free shank through hole. Place shank through hole and affix assembly to wall in vertical position.  Place the coupling nut on to the nipple and tighten it with an S24 wrench. 

Connect beverage supply hose to supply nipple. Connect the CO2 hose to the CO2 nipple, Drainage hose to Drainage nipple. Fix hoses with pipe clips.

4. Tools

Wrench – S19, S24, S27, Hex Wrench S10

Manufacturer’s Installation Guide