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pegas taps
pegas taps

Pegas taps revolutionise the way draught is served.

DTG uses new Foam-Free taps to revolutionise how Draught is poured and served in the UK. Pegas taps offer smooth pouring of Draght without producing any foam and filling 1 litre bottle in under 40 seconds.

Pet amber 1L bottles

Pegas Evolution

pegas evolution tap
pegas evolution

About Pegas Taps

Our foam-free taps fix bottles in place and fill them smoothly without producing any foam. This is  possible by the tap releasing CO2 into the bottle and controlling the speed of the pour. 

We offer a number of these innovative taps, which vary according to the number of components, parts durability, and aesthetic appeal. Pegas taps can also be adapted to fill glass growlers hands and foam-free.

Nearly all taps are compatible with standard bar taps for the regular pouring of pints. Regular taps are screwed into the front of foam-free taps so that glasses can be easily filled as well as bottles.

Turnkey Solutions:

Mobile Bars

Mobile Bars and Kegerators are perfect for beer gardens, festivals, events or as a fast and ready-made solution for draught takeaway.

Mobile Bars and Kegerators come fully assembled, tested and ready to work. They are equipped with both traditional chrome taps for pints and foam-free taps for bottles.

Mobile Bars and Kegerators are custom made and can be used with any brand or type of kegs as the keg couplers are fitted according to your requirements.

Pegas Evolution
Mobile Bar 4 taps
4 tap mobile bar kegerator front

Our Products

PET Plastic Bottles

Choose from a wide range of PET bottles: 1L, 1.5L, 2L bottles in clear and amber. PCO 1810/ 1881 28mm bottleneck diameter. All bottles come with closures.

Pegas Taps

Pegas taps are foam-free taps specially designed for fast and effortless filling plastic and glass bottles with fresh draught beer.

Mobile Bars

All Mobile Bars are custom made to order, featuring innovative Pegas foam-free taps, as well as standard taps to pour pints from.

Get 10% Off A Pallet Of Bottles

Get 10 % off any pallet of bottles when buying any Pegas Tap .

Mobile bar 6 taps
6 tap mobile bar


How is foaming controlled ?

Bottles are fitted to foam-free taps then first filled with CO2 (or Nitro). Beer is slowly released down the sides of the bottle replacing the gas by displacement. The speed of the filling process is controlled by the speed of the CO2 leaving the bottle.

Do Pegas taps require special cleaning ?

It is recommended to clean the taps with water at the end of the working day and disenfect them every 2 weeks.

What bottles are compatible with Pegas taps ?

All bottles on our website are compatible with Pegas taps. If you wish to use other bottles, please make sure that they withstand 3 bar pressure and have bottle neck diametre not more than 28mm. 

Glass growlers can only be used together with a  BeerCase.

Are they difficult to install?

It only takes 5 minutes to add Pegas taps to your pub/bar setup.  Pegas taps can be installed into the beer tower or straight into the wall. Please read the installation guidance here.

A custom-made beer tower with 6 Pegas taps and 6 chrome taps for dispensing draught beer into bottles as well as pints


It is easy to convert your bar/pub into a draught takeaway venue.

All Pegas taps are compatible with the UK equipment and do not require any special set up. Simply add the foam-free tap into your beer column or through hole on the wall. 

All Mobile Bars and Kegerators are custom made and can be fitted to your requirements. For example, any number of taps or particular keg head couplers can be installed. Please contact us if you have any special requirements. 


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