Pegas Drive

Pegas Drive offers new pressurised filling technology


Available on back-order

Pegas Drive characteristics:

  • New ergonomic design
  • Quick installation in 5 mins
  • High-quality plastic body
  • No tools needed for service
  • Fast-releasing universal bottle holder
  • Compatible with a traditional bar tap
Technical data
  • Filling capacity: 45 – 120 l/h
  • CO2 pressure: 1.5 – 2.5 bar
  • Outside supply hose diameter: 12mm
  • Inside supply hose diameter: 7mm
  • Weight – 690g
  • Dimensions: 215 х 125 х 177 mm


  • Eliminates oxygen
  • Suitable for 1 type of drink 
  • No foam / No mess
  • Less than 2% waste
  • Fits several bottle sizes
  • Easy operation
Bottle requirements

Compatible with plastic bottles with the following bottleneck:

  • PCO 1810 = 28 mm
  • PCO 1881 = 28 mm
  • BPF = 23 mm

The bottles must withstand the pressure of 3 bar.

timer pegas drive

1 Litre in 40 seconds

 warranty sign

3 year warranty

pegas drive tap



Because it is a perfect combination of quality and cost

Pegas Drive is the newest model of foam-free dispensing taps. It is made from high-quality plastic which provides a long life at a low cost. To prove the quality of the device, the manufacturer offers an extended 3-year warranty. It makes Pegas Drive the most cost-efficient dispensing solution.


The secret is in the backpressure technology. Prior to dispensing, bottles are filled with CO2 gas -present in most pubs-, at a pressure equal to the pressure in the keg. Pressure release valve then slowly releases CO2 and controls the flow of the beer. As a result, beer cascades down the sides of the bottle providing a smooth fill from the bottom. The method ensures foam-free dispensing of beverages and preserves their initial characteristics.