Turnkey Mobile Bar Single Tap – All Parts Pre-installed!

Mobile Bar Single Tap with Pegas for Bottle Filling, Plus Standard Chrome Tap for Pints and Glasses fitted. Turnkey Solution, All parts pre-installed and Tested Exclusing CO2. Perfect for outdoor beer gardens & festivals!

guide price:


10% off on the second mobile bar

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What is included:

Preinstalled Inventory List:

  • Rollbar 60x60x80 cm
  • Beer Tower with 1 hole
  • CO2 single hose
  • Keg head (let us know the type of keg head you need at the checkout or message us to check availability)
  • Beer Hoses 3/8''
  • Standard chrome tap for pouring beer in pints
  • Pegas Drive
  • Hose Clamps
  • Everything is installed and ready to use
  • Tested under 3 bar pressure

The final price depends on your requirements and specifications, for example type of keg couplers, beer tower, number of taps (we can increase or decrease it). Delivery price may vary for different destinations, please contact us using the form below so that we can calculate the exact price & shipping cost of the unit you want.

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Please allow 10 days for delivery

What Is It For?

The mobile bar is a fully set up and ready to work beer station for outdoor beer dispensing. It is fully set up and tested, even necessary hose clips are included! All you need to add is your beer keg and CO2 supply.
Mobile Bar is an outside beer & cider takeaway solution with 100% coverage! Everything is included except your beer and CO2 supply.

The mobile bar is suitable for beer gardens and festivals as it keeps beer cool and fresh and pours it in the bottle without any foam created in under 40 seconds!

the height of beer drinking technology


No need to worry about any hoses, adapters  or clips, everything is included, connected and tested by our technician


Beer is chilled and tasty even at +30


Beer stays fresh even outside during summer and warm weather. Keg can stay fresh for up to 3 months.  A properly functioning kegerator keeps beer chilled to the exact temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit: the ideal temperature to deliver a proper amount of head and ensure no over foaminess. The kegerator protects beer from overheating and keeps it fresh.


The bar has 4 strong high weels, so it is easy to move it around the beer garden or any other territory


The mobile bar comes with  Pegas Drive installed which allows you to quickly and efficiently fill 1- 2 litre bottles for draft takeaway. The standard bar tap is also installed. It means that you can pour pints as well as bottles.



A kegerator is a refrigerator that has been designed to store and dispense kegs. By keeping the keg in a refrigerated environment and using CO₂ to pressurize and dispense the keg, it will allow the contents to remain fresh and carbonated for an extended period of time, generally a couple of months.

plastic bottles for pegas taps