Pegas Evolution

Pegas Evolution offers advanced pressurised filling technology



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Pegas Evolution characteristics:

  • Fills from the bottom of the bottle
  • Improved pressure release valve
  • Classic design that suits traditional bar design
  • Quick operation
  • Compatible with a traditional bar tap
  • High-quality materials
Technical data
  • Filling capacity: 45 – 120 l/h (subject to temperature and working conditions)
  • CO2 pressure: 2 – 3 bar
  • Outside supply hose diameter: 12mm
  • Inside supply hose diameter: 7mm
  • Weight – 690g
  • Dimensions: 215х125х177 mm


  • Eliminates oxygen
  • Suitable for 1 type of drink
  • No foam / No mess
  • Less than 2% waste
  • Fits several bottle sizes
  • Easy operation
Bottle requirements

Compatible with plastic bottles with the following bottleneck:

  • PCO 1810 = 28 mm
  • PCO 1881 = 28 mm
  • BPF = 23 mm

The bottles must withstand the pressure of 3 bar.

evolution timer

1 Litre in 40 seconds

plastic bottles for pegas taps

2 year warranty

pegas tap



Classic design, fast installation, high-quality metal parts, drink flow never touches plastic. It fills the bottle 3-4 times faster than a normal bar tap for pouring into pint glasses without creating any foamy waste. Watch the video to see the difference yourself!


It is fast and easy to assemble and install the device. Screw the shank into the 5/8” threaded hole in the body, screw the plug into the 5/8” threaded hole or tap for dispensing beer into glasses, install the throttle valve, insert the CO2 supply nipple and the drainage nipple into the matching holes on the device and tighten the nuts. Unscrew the coupling nut and remove beverage supply nipple. The device is ready for installation!

Read a more detailed guidance here 

Pegas Evolution Manual

Assembly and installation should not prove more onerous than the setup of your already existing tap systems, because you probably already have CO2 supply and beer/cider kegs, cooler, some hoses and pipe clips to secure them. The tools required are an adaptable wrench and a hex key.