Let’s unpack Pegas Drive to see the tap’s construction and what comes in the package.

Pegas Drive is the newest foam-free dispensing device. It is made from a high-quality plastic that provides long life at a low cost. The Pegas Drive construction is distinguished from older tap models by its’ sleek design and extremely easy operation. No tools are required for maintenance – it takes a few seconds to assemble the tap and get ready for work. Using matte plastic not only decreased the production cost but also gave Pegas Drive construction some benefits. For example, no fingerprints remain on the surface of the tap and no stains are visible. Moreover, the switch handle doesn’t slip even when the hands are wet. 

In one of our previous posts we have unpacked Pegas Evolution to see which parts the device consists of: 

Foam-free Pegas tap construction – What comes in a package?

Now it’s time to open the Pegas Drive.

Let’s start with the package and dimensions. The Pegas Drive is the smallest tap among the Pegas range. Pegas Drive dimensions are 208x124x163mm, weight – 620g. 

Before assembling and installing the tap, make sure you prepared all necessary parts and removed them from their individual packaging.

Quick Reminder

You will need the following instruments: Wrench – S19, S24, S27, Hex Wrench S10. 

plastic bottles for pegas taps

Please note that the Pegas Drive tap’s construction is slightly different comparing to Pegas Evolution: CO2 nipple and drainage nipple are placed next to each other horizontally. 

plastic bottles for pegas taps
Your Pegas Drive tap is now ready for installation.