Crafttap Mobile Bar – With Crafttap for 4 Beers – Growler Dispensing

Turnkey Mobile Crafttap – 4 beers for Growlers outdoors dispensing. All parts preinstalled!

Gide price:


Mobile Bar with bottle filler Craftap 3.0 for Growlers – 4 beers, all parts includes: 

  • For Growlers or Glass Bottles & pints
  • Kegerator STAR-30 without hole
  • Wheels 55 set DST1, DST2,DST3
  • Electric cable plug UK (EU, US possible)
  • Dispensing device Pegas Crafttap3.0
  • Flow control switcher CraftPad Light 4+1
  • Reducer single way MM
  • Keg head types
  • Nut+O-ring+Nipple sets
  • T-connector nickel-plated
  • Driptrays stainless steel 40x21cm
  • Pump MIR - A
  • Hoses 3/8 Tubbingflex
  • Containers for drainage
  • Assembled and tested under 3 bar pressure
  • Packaged and fixed to the Euro pallet 175x80cm


  • Height: 217 – 330 mm
  • Outside diameter of the bottle neck 26 – 57 mm
  • Min. inside diameter of the bottle neck - 17 mm
  • Max. outside diameter (including the size of the bottle handle) – 165 mm
The bottle must be clean, without smell, glass chips, cracks, sharp edges, glass bubbles and other defects and it must withstand the pressure of 5 bar.  Please check bottle quality with your bottle manufacturer or supplier.
The final price depends on your requirements and specifications, for example type of keg couplers, beer tower, number of taps (we can increase or decrease it). Delivery price may vary for different destinations, please contact us using the form below so that we can calculate the exact price & shipping cost of the unit you want.

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