In this BeerCase Manual, you will find information on how to use BeerCase and how to set it up with Pegas foam-free taps.

BeerCase is a protective case made from high-quality plastic and designed for safe filling of 0.7 to 1L glass bottles. BeerCase is compatible with all foam-free taps listed on our website.

Originally the foam-free taps were constructed to be used with single use PET plastic bottles for takeaway and delivery services – just like usual food takeaway. The world is becoming more responsible for the waste it produces and so BeerCase was specifically designed for dispensing draft beer into glass bottles, reducing carbon footprint. Besides, some beer lovers believe that beer tastes better when stored in glass bottles as opposing to plastic ones. 

BeerCase is made from a high-quality thick plastic strong enough to withstand the pressure created when the bottle is exploded and glass shanks are blasting. The case therefore protects people and equipment from damage.

Also, BeerCase acts as a connector between the glass bottles of different sizes and the dispensing device. As mentioned above, it was originally designed to be used with plastic bottles, which have a bottleneck diameter up to 23mm. BeerCase, in turn, supports up to 39mm bottlenecks. So it means that it gives an opportunity to use a  wider range of bottles.

What does BeerCase consist of?

plastic bottles for pegas taps

How to use BeerCase?

glass bottle placed in beercase

Place a glass bottle
in a BeerCase.

beercase is closed and tighten

Close the BeerCase and twist it tight. 

beercase attached to the tap

Attach the BeerCase to the tap. Fill the bottle normally.

Before application, place a glass bottle into the bottom flask. Make sure that the bottle easily fits the flask and does not stick. Do not use neither damaged bottles nor cracked beercase.


  • Place a glass bottle in the bottom flask.
  • Cover the bottle with the upper flask until the bottleneck touches the centering ring. 
  • Press the bottle to the centering ring, turning the upper flask clockwise.
  • Connect your BeerCase to any Pegas filling tap and dispense beer normally. 
  • When the bottle is filled, remove BeerCase.
  • Remove upper and bottom flasks, immediately seal the bottle with a cap.

You can find a full BeerCase Manual here: