Read this post to find out how to save your pub. COVID-19 has changed our usual flow of life and the way we do business. Many public places saw over 80% decrease in social mobility. The restaurant and bar industry is at the heart of enforcing social distancing. Most of the pubs, restaurants & bars had to close their doors for the customers. According to Statista, over the whole month of March, bar sales dropped by 60 per cent and restaurants by 56.4 per cent. It’s not much better for the pubs with 58 per cent drop. Taking into account that all of them stayed open till the 24th of March, there is no surprise that April statistics are even more downlifting.

Another statistic shows that more than 50 million pints of beer and cider could go down the drain after unused barrels go out of date in pub cellars across the country. It is a sad waste of resources, labour and effort.

But there is always a silver lining in the sky and at Draft To Go we believe that this difficult for all situation can lead to developing a completely new offshoot in the restaurant and bar industry – beer & cider takeaway! Pubs and bars can be saved!

Draft To Go is introducing the latest anti-foam beer & cider pouring taps. They fill a glass or a plastic bottle in less than a minute and allow bars to sell over 800 litres of drinks in a day. Anti-foam technology provides smooth and fast filling without creating foamy waste. No foam, no waste, no problems!

It’s not a secret for anyone that the restaurant takeaway market boomed in the last 10 years. We believe that it is fair to think that the draft drinks takeaway market will follow sue.

Pubs and microbreweries around the world are fighting to survive and turning towards drinks deliveries. For example, Carlton & United Breweries is selling tap beer from pubs across Australia in glass bottles and jars in an ingenious effort to save drinks from going off.

DraftToGo foam-free taps speed up and simplify the pouring process saving you time, effort and money. Let regulars and new-comers alike enjoy fresh draft beer & cider to takeaway! The newest models of foam-free pouring taps allow any bar, pub or microbrewery to expand their business model and save the place in such challenging times! Opportunity to deliver the drinks across the city or town will attract new customers and make your place more popular after the lockdown!

Read more about foam-free beer & cider pouring taps in our future posts.


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